Our Residents – Margaret Hindmarsh

Whether it’s dancing, baking, knitting, or cross stitching, it’s fair to say that Margaret Hindmarsh has always been talented.

And according to her daughter Allison, she has another talent too – as the ‘pin-up’ of Roseleigh care home.

That’s in recognition of photographs of Margaret which regularly appear on our website and Facebook page.

Allison jokes: “We call her the Meghan Markle of Roseleigh!”

Now aged 95, Margaret spent her most of her teenage years growing up in Middlesbrough during the Second World War.

It was during this time that she discovered her love for cooking and baking, something which would stand her in good stead throughout her life.

Allison says: “Mum is a great cook and baker and I remember her saying that she used to save up the family rations during the War so she could make something really nice, rather than just using ingredients as and when they were available.

“Growing up she was always making something homemade, so we were extremely well fed although my Dad used to annoy her because he insisted on only ever eating beef!”

Margaret met her husband Ted at a dance hall, and they were happily married for over 65 years before Ted sadly passed away in 2016.

Allison adds: “My Dad couldn’t dance for toffee whilst my Mum said she was a very good dancer who had won lots of trophies, although none of us have ever seen them!”

Margaret and Ted had five children, Allison, Ainsley, Hillary, Darrell, and Kelvin (who sadly passed away in 2015). They also have four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Margaret remembers getting time off school to see the Duke and Duchess of York open the Newport Bridge in Middlesbrough in 1936 and also told her children about the time when the same Duke became King George VI and all the neighbours came to watch (through the parlour window) the coronation on a TV that her Uncle Frank had been given as he had been in an accident and was lying flat on his back in bed.

Margaret moved into Roseleigh in 2018, following a spell in hospital.

Allison says: “The moment I stepped foot in Roseleigh I knew that this was the place for her and more importantly she likes it too.

“The food is out of this world, which is obviously important to Mum and she always seems to be the centre of attention,

“The staff are lovely and really make Mum feel at home, and it is a lovely environment to be in.

Allison says whilst Covid-19 has restricted her to having to speak to her mum through a window or wave to her from the street, it has had one important benefit.

She explains: “When Mum first went into Roseleigh she spent most of the time in her room and but since the pandemic, she now likes being in the lounge and chatting to the other residents, and only uses her room to sleep.

“Mum has her own telephone in her room and my sister, who lives in the south, says that whenever she calls her, she is never there!”

One of the things Margaret enjoys doing most at Roseleigh is cross-stitch.

Allison says: “Mum was always a great knitter and would only ever use pure wool so we would always have the best cardigans. She was great at sewing too and would make dresses for my sister and I.

“She then took up cross-stitching and makes pictures to put up on the wall, so we’re delighted that she has continued to remain active at Roseleigh.

“It’s a lovely home and we can’t fault it as a family.”

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