What price can you put on their care?

When it comes to your loved ones, what price can you put on their care?

The answer is, of course, there is no price.

Unfortunately, though, there is a price that can be put on the people who provide this care, and it is simply not enough for the amazing work they do.

Years of Government under-funding to the social care sector has hampered efforts for residential and nursing care providers to recruit and retain staff, although in Constantia’s case, we are a little more fortunate in that we have a loyal and largely long-serving workforce.

But like all providers, it is still difficult to recruit new staff and when it comes to nursing care it is even more complicated as we are often competing with the NHS.

It was great news for the NHS when, on top of the 3% pay rise they received in 2021 it was announced recently that over one million are going to receive a further rise of at least £1,400 this year, backdated to April 2022.

Those who work in the NHS certainly deserve it given the challenges they faced during the pandemic and continue to face, but staff in the social care sector faced the same challenges and their sacrifice and dedication has unfortunately not been recognised in the same way.

Both the Scottish and Welsh governments have provided bonuses for social care staff in recognition of their heroic efforts throughout the pandemic and yet the English government have not.

Care England, the representative body for independent care providers in England, have implored the government to follow suit as a means of not only recognizing the efforts of our staff but also creating a greater sense of parity with our NHS colleagues.

Local authorities who commission care are themselves strapped for cash so they cannot pay providers in line with the true price for the care they provide, which in turn would make it possible to pay staff what they deserve, and in closer parity with the NHS.

Unless a way can be found to get more funding to the front line of social care delivery, these staffing shortages are going to keep on getting worse and worse and there will be less and less skilled care available for those who need it.

And with the cost of living also having a major impact on people’s lives, action needs to be taken now. The health and care levy and uplifts to the national living way are two things which are urgently needed to support the retention and recruitment of social care staff.

At Constantia, we, of course, will never compromise on our care, but it is time the government recognise the work residential and home care providers do to directly ease the burden on the NHS.

It is not a matter of us against them, but we do expect, and deserve, to be playing on a level playing field.

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