What our residents and families are saying about Longlands...

She is a new woman since going there and treats it like a hotel, which is fabulous as that’s what we wanted for her. This is all down to the amazing staff and the fantastic care they provide; we couldn’t be happier with Longlands

Sally Cowley, Daughter

I am very comfortable at Longlands. Everyone is so friendly, and it has a real homely feel to it.

Shirley Donachie, Resident

I know Barry is in the right place. He is safe and happy and receiving the very best care. There’s nowhere better than Roseleigh and the best compliment I can give is that I would be more than happy to book a room there for myself!

Denise McQuade, Wife

What our residents and families are saying about Queens Lodge...

Once we stepped through the door at Queen’s Lodge, we knew immediately that we found the right place for him. We were made to feel at home, and you could see the compassion in the staff and the genuine love of the job.

Lisa, Daughter

Mum is definitely in the right place because it would have been even harder had she been at home during this pandemic. She is settled and comfortable and whenever we see her, she is always very smartly dressed and it’s obvious she is being well looked after.

Margaret Kendall, Daughter

As a nurse, now retired, I had been in Queen’s Lodge in a professional capacity so I knew it was one of the best nursing homes in Blackburn and that’s why I wanted mum to go there. All the staff are very friendly, and many have been there a long time, which is always a positive sign. The home is always immaculately clean, and I can’t speak highly enough of Queen’s Lodge.

Debbie Ashe, Daughter

“We feel so lucky to have been able to choose a home where there is so much love, care, support, and respect. The staff are wonderful, and we wouldn’t want mum to be anywhere else as Queen’s Lodge is just outstanding.”

Alison Morris, daughter

The staff at Queen’s Lodge are wonderful. They can’t do enough for you.

Mavis Jackson, Resident

I enjoy living at Queen’s Lodge and have made some good friends. I especially like the chats I have with Mavis, where we put the world to rights!

Kathleen Hollings, Resident

I love living at Queen’s Lodge, The staff are so nice and treat everyone with such kindness and respect.

Kath Gooden, Resident

What our residents and families are saying about Roseleigh...

If you get the chance to come to Roseleigh I can definitely recommend it. The staff are lovely and treat you so well, the food is good and there are lots of activities. I am very happy here

Margaret Hindmarch, Resident

“I rang the home every week during lock-down and the staff would tell me that mum has taken part in a wine and cheese evening, race night and singing, and they showed me the pictures of her enjoying herself. I was absolutely gob-smacked because before going in the home, my mum would never have done these things, so that showed me she is really happy at Roseleigh.”

Patricia Gallagher, Daughter

She is cared for as an individual and all her preferences are taken into account whether it’s what she does or doesn’t like to eat, or what she likes to do. The staff are brilliant, and I know she is being well looked after physically and mentally. She is in a safe, nurturing environment and all her needs are catered for.

Carole Norris, Daughter