Continuity of care

If you were looking for a care home for a loved one and discovered that in one home, 17 of its staff had worked there for at least ten years or more and that in another this figure stands at 18, would you feel more comfortable when it came to making this very important decision?

Hopefully, it would and that’s why we believe Longlands care home and Roseleigh care home are so unique.

At Longlands, the combined experience of the 17 staff who have worked at the home for least a decade is an amazing 287 years. And that doesn’t include many other staff who are approaching, but not quite at, ten years’ service.

It’s the same at Roseleigh where the combined experience of the 18 staff who have worked here for ten years or more stands at 270 years.

Between the two homes that’s 557 years of care experience!

We’re very proud of these statistics because it shows that staff are happy working at our homes, but perhaps even more importantly, it hopefully gives peace of mind to families when it comes to selecting the right home for their mum, dad or other relative.

After all, continuity of care is everything, especially when someone is old, vulnerable, or has complex needs, such as dementia.

Seeing the same faces every day can really make a difference to people who are settling into their new surroundings after living in their own homes for the vast majority of their lives.

It also means carers with so much care experience have the life experience too, so they are closer in age to our residents, have more in common with them and are able to share memories that residents will relate to.

This could be music from the 50s or 60s, a memorable football game or a world event.

That’s not to say our younger carers are any less capable because they most certainly are, after all they are learning from us ‘old-timers’!

Julie Wood, who has worked at Roseleigh and Longlands for 21 years and is now our Regional Manager, sums it up perfectly.

“It is a feeling of family and belonging and you do become friends with staff, residents and families.

“We have a lot of shared memories over the years, had many residents and families come through our doors which we often reminisce about.

“You get to know others’ families and I have always found it a great support network for when you are going through tough times yourself.

“This love, friendship and continuity of care shines through and makes Longlands and Roseleigh the special homes they are.”

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