Roseleigh People – Cynthia Turner

Dedicated Cynthia Turner will soon ‘come of age’ as a carer – and celebrate 21 years working at Roseleigh Care Home.

In that time she has looked after hundreds of elderly residents but she still retains the same sense of pride and satisfaction from her work as she always has done.

“If I can make one resident smile during my shift it has been worthwhile,” said Cynthia. “I go home happy knowing I have brightened up someone’s day.”

After leaving school Cynthia worked in a variety of jobs including in a chicken factory, wiring and soldering for GEC and waitressing. 

She took a break from the workplace to raise her five children, then in 2000 sister Denise announced she had found the job perfect for her and had arranged an interview at Roseleigh.

“She knew I liked looking after people, I cared for my own mum when she was on oxygen for seven years,” said Cynthia.

“We have a lot of dementia sufferers and it is sad when they pass away. It’s a part of the job you have to accept and all we can do is try to make their final years as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.”

Cynthia is well known to staff and residents at the care home, as are the songs she makes up on the hoof. A care assistant, she’s worked in a variety of roles at the home and will happily fill in anywhere if they are short. It’s this positive attitude and helpfulness that led to her recently being named employee of the month for May.

Now 65 and with 14 grandchildren and nine great grandchildren she has plenty of other calls on her time, but isn’t ready to retire just yet.

“It’s true I’m a bit older than some of the other staff but I can still run around as well as the young ‘uns,” says Cynthia. “I look on the people at Roseleigh as my extended family, I treat them as I would my own mum and dad and I couldn’t say goodbye to them completely.”

Cynthia says the secret to the job is to be caring, active and able to communicate with people.

“My sister was right all those years ago, this is the perfect job for me. If it wasn’t I wouldn’t still be here,” she said.

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