The heartbreak

Mickey Moore’s life fell apart to such an extent when his wife Patricia passed away his family feared he might never recover from the heartbreak.

Now though, after moving into Longlands Care Home, the old Mickey is returning, to the relief of his loving family.

“He was the one who cooked for mam, looked after her and when she was gone he just deteriorated rapidly,” said daughter Emma Barnes.

Born in Ireland, Mickey served with the British Army and it was whilst stationed at Catterick that he first met Patricia who was working on the local buses.

The couple had four children, nine grandchildren and five great grandchildren and were married for over half a century before Patricia’s death last year.

As his health deteriorated, Mickey suffered a series of falls and was admitted to hospital with a fractured back.

“I didn’t want him to go into a home but it was the only option if he was to be safe,” said Emma. “Originally he didn’t settle but then I think he realised he does need help and now things are going well.”

Mickey gets on well with the staff and residents at Longlands, an accomplished bagpipe player he entertains them with tunes on his practice chanter.

“He has three square meals a day and is looking healthier, when we visit he tells us about different things he has on,” said Emma. “It really is like a load has been taken off our shoulders to know dad is safe and if he does fall or anything happens there will be someone there to help him.”

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